Altra mappa del periodo accadico, che contiene le vittorie d Sargon di Akkad

Hiding Ancient History will offer videos, PDF files of essays and a monthly article incorporating ideas from a variety of disciplines on the topic of Ancient History. It will consist of interdisciplinary critiques of both traditional and alternative approaches to ancient history, archeology and human origins. The underlying theme will be to shed light on distortions and suppression of truth in this field.


This interdisciplinary approach will infuse the current debates in this field with relevant ideas that may be old or new. Good ideas can come from anywhere. The point is to include them because of the potential power of the idea. We will also try to awaken our listeners/readers to the methods and purposes of manipulations, distortions and falsehoods perpetuated on them by powerful individuals, corporations, or governments who have ulterior motives for hiding the truth.

Hiding Ancient History is unaligned with any distinct position on our subject matter.

*Free Ebook  -"The molding of the American Mind"